FrustratedI have heard it said that anything worth doing comes with a price. Counselling is no exception. Counselling can be a life-enriching, change-inspiring, relationship-healing process, but sometimes it feels as though the advantages are hard to gain. From my clients and my own experiences in counselling I remember that  pain and discomfort in life feels like it gets worse before it gets better. It’s as though your triggers are intensified and your reactions are doubled.

Partly, the heightening of experiences is due to the fact that you are finally paying attention to how they impact you. Finally you allow yourself to make your feelings known – not only to yourself, but also to someone who cares and is listening.

Although there are many benefits from experiencing life’s challenges with full awareness, the experience is not always so uncomfortable. Rather, as time goes on and you have the opportunity to heal and grow, these feelings can change. A new sense of relief can emerge, powered by a sense of peace from letting go of hurt and pain.

So give me a call – let’s get started on this path together. It may feel overwhelming at first, but the benefits can far outweigh the intensity that is there at the start if we see it through and get to the other side.

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